It should almost goes with out saying that a true gentlemen will conduct himself with  appropriate etiquette. However I have learn that sometimes even the most successful gentlemen need to be reminded of some basic etiquette that contributes to the right atmosphere for our very special time together. Personal hygiene is important . Here  are some basics of what you can expect from me and what I must be able to except from you.

Discretion** /  Reviews**

We will enjoy each others company most, when we are both able to relax knowing the detail of our time together. You have my assurance that everything about our time together will be kept strictly between us. I personally handle all your information through my verification process. Plus, all information is discard after the verification process. I expect for you to be very discreet. Things that transpire between a gentlemen and a lady are not meant to be talk about with others, that includes personal REVIEWS,  reviews destroy  trust, privacy and spontaneity. All circumstances and interactions are not the same, just as all people are not the same. If you are someone that makes his decisions based upon the unverified opinions of anonymous strangers, not necessarily "hobiest" either, I request that you consider finding companionship elsewhere Provider's Referrals  does not guarantee a good chemistry between YOU and  I .  

I prefer you go through my verification process. ( I do not see clients base on the referrals of other provider's referrals You should always make my information and our meeting(s) as private and discreet as possible. Also gentlemen upon our meeting the donation should be place in an envelope and place in a designated area per my Request


In our fast pace world, it seem that common courtesy is often forgotten, I respect a gentlemen that knows how to treat and talk to a lady. If, a situation arises and you must cancel your time with me or you feel that you are going to be late for your appointment, Please call.... and....remember First impressions via YOUR first Phone call, mails, Meeting....lasts forever....


I strive to always stay within the law. Please do not ask me what I do , not only will I refuse to answer ,but I will terminate the call, the meeting and delete the e-mail.  Money should NEVER be discuss in person during our meet or I will implement my security safety net and assume you have other cruel intentions in mind.  I am a Personal Companion and specialize in quality time with you. So are you ready?...  Today? Tomorrow? Tonight?.....Come Take A Bite !..... I reserve the right to refuse Any & All services including the meeting. My profession does not allow me to meet and greet everyone, my time is very limited.   **Please  call  me  from  your cell phone number only, my  phone  system  alert  me  if,  you  are  calling  otherwise ( public pay phones, hotels, home,work  etc..)  your  call  will  go unanswered

"Quote of the day for New Clients"


"Please remember that when you contact a Escort, Companion, or other adult entertainer that their services are not free. If, you are not really interested do not waste their time or yours with a bunch of dumb questions that you already know the answers to."